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How much is a life worth? 07152014

Kentucky’s General Assembly had a bill before it to allow police officers to carry Narcan, since they are often the first responders to emergency situations in Counties without paid fire and rescue workers. The cost per dose of Narcan is … Continue reading

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God is watching US…& I think She’s angry. 07092014

Several years ago, the President of Mexico characterized the US as “that big addict” up North. As hard as that was for us to hear, it is an accurate portrayal of the US role in illegal drug commerce issues facing … Continue reading

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Undopedcut: today, Grok the un-Like-able, 07042014

Pity the child coming of age in a Facebook’d family setting. S/he will be taught to “like” all sorts of things. Recently, my daughters each suffered an insult to her health, and a host of friends and well-wishers “liked” that. … Continue reading

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