About Mountain People Advocating Recovery

…a place where folks learn about the brain disease of addiction.  It starts out trying to manage pain, to have some fun, to deal with frayed nerves or to sleep –by swallowing a few pills or drinks–maybe kick back…smoke some dope.  Days using become weeks,  become months and years.  Because of  stigma, and misunderstanding this disease, folks lose themselves in it, thinking, “Life got hard, but I haven’t changed.”  An overdose or two…  s/he begins to wonder, “Could it be the drugs?”  “Overdose” should be called “dress rehearsal for death.”  Agencies and authorities  twiddle their thumbs…more folks die… the blog began about two months before Mickey died. .. it’s all here, read it!  We’re gonna write ’til somebody begins to do something real about it.  We are part of the problem or of the solution.  Either way we may find ourselves in the pages.  First question for those in a position to help:  How many DEATHS before you get that this is a HEALTH problem?

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